Dealing with a Diagnosis of Coronavirus

It can be overwhelming to hear that you have been diagnosed with coronavirus. It may evoke feelings of heightened fear and anxiety. First of all, know that it is okay to feel those emotions. The key is not allowing those feelings to overwhelm you. If you are feeling intense emotions, remember that they won’t last forever.

Be patient not only with yourself but in the ways you are learning information. Give yourself time to absorb the information you received from your medical provider while ensuring that your first priority is self-care for rest and recovery. The uncertainty of coronavirus can lead to a sense of being out of control. Utilize some of the recommendations for lowering anxiety such as taking a break from social media or the news where the amount of information can be overwhelming.

If you need someone to listen to your fears about your diagnosis, seek out a trusted family member or friend that you can talk to on the phone or by social media – or contact a board certified chaplain through this website to offer support.

Connect with a professional chaplain who will listen and offer spiritual comfort and support here